The Brune’s meticulous collection is made with painstaking care and utter perfection by our skilled craftsmen. The prime leather products border on shoes, bags and belts with guaranteed lifetime. The creators are called into action to dedicate their art to the making of burnishing and extremely high quality leather. All the products are fully lined with standard lining leather coupled with the best classic sole leather from the top-notch tanneries.

We believe in going beyond the ordinary and creating hand painted and handcrafted masterpieces in outstanding colors. Brune has been able to set its mark in the industry by creating pieces that are unique and have come to define our brand’s USP.

We create leather bags that are classics which never go out of style and our timeless innovations go far beyond what one can imagine. Our lush collection of leather bags pertaining to your travel, business and everyday needs are something that your wardrobe has been craving for.